sports bar and grill
Mark Panos (Sports Bar and Grill)

It will take away any headaches you may have.

edgar menchacha martinez
Edgar Menchacha Martinez

Very good program, easy simple censillo but very safe. I like the system.

matt sneaker
Matt Sneaker

The FuturePOS system has been a great upgrade for the business. We are very impressive with the ease of use of the front end and the flexibility of the FuturePOS back office.

ernest leombruni
Ernest Leombruni

I like the fact that it keeps all the different types of orders separate. If it’s a carryout it’s a carryout, if it’s a delivery it’s a delivery. It helps to keep the restaurant running smoothly. Changing prices is very easy. Adding new items is fairly easy.

leeann wimsatt ford
LeeAnn Wimsatt-Ford

This was surprisingly much easier than I expected. We were a little hesitant with how it would all work, but am very happy with how the system is functioning after the install.

sunshine retirement living
Tom Jaworski (Sunshine Retirement Living)

The system did alot more than we had originally thought and we are beyond pleased with the service provided by POS Partners.

 bowling alley / bar and grill
Kelly Froelich ( Bowling Alley / Bar and Grill)

When it came time to install he made sure everything was done very professional. Jon was through in his manager and server training. No questions where left unanswered. Kirk our relationship manager was here for the go-live day and was quick to answer the few questions we had.

riverglen house of littleton, nh
Jason Purdy (Riverglen House of Littleton, NH)

We have a printer, and two tablets. We expect great things from the system in both the quality of service, good management reports, reduction of overhead cost for our kitchen and dining room (where we serve approximately 45,000 meals a year).

the looking glass
Matt Schreier (The Looking Glass)

I was very impressed from the beginning with the service, functionality of the system, and the increase of productivity and value to the customer the Back office improvement have allowed.

brent frisbie
Brent Frisbie

When we first told residents that we purchased a system they were thrilled. The system will lead to increased resident satisfaction, lower food and labor cost, and increased operational efficiency.

Greginald Octavius Carini (Pizzaiolo)

Our favorite is that it can be accessed from any computer anywhere and be chamged at a moments notice for any reason.

jeff lynn jones
Jeff Lynn Jones

I chose this POS for its reliability, ROI, and local service. My staff learned it in a day and we are happy to have made the right decision.

barker inn
Jeff Engstrom (Barker Inn)

We couldn't be more than happy with the investment. The system is running fast and great.

press box
Aina Escotillon (Press Box)

This system is high-end I would compare it to a fully loaded Mercedes Benz.

el puente mexican restaurant
Dave Jimenez (El Puente Mexican Restaurant)

We've liked the support and the ability to call one number for any and everything under the sun, whether it's credit card-related or POS-related.

Michele's Restaurant and Catering
Kamen Klansinski (Michele's Restaurant and Catering)

Although there were a few speed bumps along the way, the heavily involved installation process is going to take our restaurant to the next level.

danny's bar & grill
Bill Macklin (Danny's Bar & Grill)

Support from their main office is always just a call away, and everything's been running great!

the river rockhouse
Aaron Turner (The River Rockhouse)

We can bring in over 500 people and still have no trouble getting everyone their drinks with credit cards; even checks.

the beachhouse
Todd Mason (The Beachhouse)

The software allows my servers, my managers, and me to have information at our fingertips.

the solana germantown
Laura Fortgang (The Solana Germantown)

This POS system is working out wonderfully, and I think it has been a great investment for our company.